A bit about our tattoo shop in Chiang Mai

Panumart Tattoo in Chiang Mai┬áhas a special place in my heart and I hope it will have one in your’s too.

I moved to Chiang Mai in 2016 with my then girlfriend at the time, Ahm. Back then Ahm was working with eyebrows, doing permanent makeup or eyebrow tattoos as they are sometimes called. She had long dreamed of being a proper tattoo artist, though.

When she studied in university she majored in the arts. Using her artistic background, she once tried getting into tattoos, but honestly wasn’t so good. That’s because like with many arts, being good at one medium doesn’t necessarily mean your skills will transfer to another medium.

So it was last year in 2016 that Ahm worked her butt off to afford professional training to become a tattoo artist. In only two months time she transformed herself and learned the art of tattooing.

From early on she showed glimmers of her talent.

Her teacher had so much faith in her that he challenged her to enter a tattoo contest. And he choose this as the design she would attempt:

The above tattoo was inked only three or so months after Ahm first began training. You can see how good she is.

In fact, Ahm was such a good student that her teacher hired her to work in his shop. And there she worked for a couple of months.

But there came a point where I thought it was time for Ahm to branch off on her own and she agreed.

So for a bit Ahm worked professionally, but casually. It was a time to hone her craft. She wanted to gain experience and truly feel comfortable in her skills before going hardcore with tattooing.

Once she did feel comfortable, we decided to launch Panumart Tattoo. While it may seem unusual at first to foreigners, we run a home-based business. As in Thailand, it is quite normal to run an entrepreneurial endeavor from your house. And with an open mind I think most tourists will love the idea of visiting us.

Our shop is not crammed in the city, but instead offers beautiful views of nature.

And unlike other tattoo shops, we are more boutique in nature. We offer personalized care, fluency in English, and a family-like feel. This is a place where you will feel comfortable, be able to get insights into Thailand, and just have great memories to go along with a great tattoo.

For all these reasons and more, I hope that if you’re thinking “Tattoo Chiang Mai” that you come visit us at Panumart Tattoo.


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